From cult-hood to adult-hood …


After getting accepted to Brooklyn College, ultra-sheltered and socially awkward eighteen-year-old Leah Masters convinces her cult leader parents, Rainey and Connor, to allow her to leave The Mountain compound with the promise that she will vigorously recruit new “Mountaineers” in New York.

Led by her life-long best friend, an ousted cult member Clarissa Duffer, Leah embarks on the adventure of her life. Putting recruiting on the back burner, she is forced to step out of her comfort zone to fully experience makeovers, hooking up and the New York college social scene. As Leah adapts to life outside the cult, Connor and Rainey fight to secure the survival of The Mountain all the while, unbeknownst to them, FBI is investigating their entire operation.
Through Season One, we follow Leah’s transition from “cult-hood” to “adult-hood”. Adapting to the challenges of college life: dating, wild frat parties, sorority pledging-gone-wrong, and life outside the shelter of a commune, prove at times to be like life on Mars for Leah. For Clarissa, college life is a roller-coaster ride in an amusement park.
Then we decided to shoot a pilot to offer some context on why Leah is so, mmmh, let’s say awkward. We went up in the beautiful Catskills, NY, (late September, 2019), and got deeper into Leah’s background, and the whole cult-hood side of HOOKED. (Stay tuned for the trailer of Season Two, as we are in final stage of post production. Meanwhile, check out some BTS from set:
Through both humorous and dramatic storytelling, HOOKED explores the complexity of human nature - both good and bad. HOOKED allows us to laugh at our insecurities, and in many cases awkwardness, while also exploring its darker side, and why it exists. Unapologetically raw and honest, HOOKED gives its audience a bumpy but adventurous ride.
Created by Brittany Portman
Directed by Anthony Patellis
DOP - Olga Vazquez
Copyright © 2021