Olga Vazquez is a Barcelona born/ NYC based freelance Director of Photography. She has traveled the world shooting diverse content, from narrative feature films, to documentaries, music videos and commercials. 

Vazquez began building up her resume in filmmaking over 10 years ago, working in different aspects of production on set and building a strong background for her approach to cinematography. “I've always been interested in how to manipulate light, whether on set or at home, watching the shadows of headlights passing through the tree outside my window and onto the wall in my living room. At my core, I became a cinematographer because I’m fascinated by the mechanics of light, and how I can speak through visual storytelling, affect tone and bring beauty to an image.” 

Some of the feature projects she has worked on to date include “Stealing Chanel,” “Pinsky,” “Love and Bullets,” and most recently “Treasure Trouble” and “Asking For It”. Her projects have premiered at festivals including Austin Film Festival, Venice, Cannes, Moscow, Santa Fe, Seattle and the Boston Film Festival.

To learn more about Vazquez and her filmography check out her IMDb page  and see her website.
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